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Alpine Rose

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Alpine Rose
Alpine Rose-icon

—Image © Zynga
First Date Available: unknown
Last Date Available: present
Required minimum level(s): Player Level: 29
Source: see Template:infobox-seed for template instructions
Sell for: see Template:infobox-seed for template instructions
Harvest for: Coin-icon 250 coins
Growing Time: 10 hours
Points gained
when planted:
XP-icon 1 XP
Cost: Coin-icon 145 coins
Crop Type: see Template:infobox-seed for template instructions
World Location: All
Tile Type: Land
Size 1 plot (4x4 squares), an area of 16 squares

For other uses, see rose (disambiguation).

Alpine Roses are a limited edition flower seed that was released on July 7, 2010 as part of the Swiss Alps Event. It is NOT masterable, despite having a Mastery Sign.

Acquisition Edit

Swiss Alps Event-icon

The subject of this article or section is part of the Swiss Alps Event, an Event that lasted from from June 30th, 2010 to July 22nd, 2010. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available.

Swiss Alps Event-icon

Mastery Edit

This seed cannot be mastered.

Perfect Bunches Edit

Harvesting Alpine Rose has a 10% chance of yielding Perfect Bunches.

Perfect Bunch of Alpine Rose Withered Bunch of Alpine Rose
Perfect Alpine Rose-icon Wither Bunch Alpine Rose-icon

Growth Phases Edit

Growth 0 - 32% 33 - 65% 66 - 99% 100% 100% Fertilized Withered ***
Phases Alpine Rose 00

—Image © Zynga
Alpine Rose 33

—Image © Zynga
Alpine Rose 66

—Image © Zynga
Alpine Rose 100

—Image © Zynga
Alpine Rose extra100

—Image © Zynga
Alpine Rose withered

—Image © Zynga
Time Time planted

3 hours
3 hours

6 hours
6 hours

9 hours
10 hours

1 day, 2 hours ***
10 hours

1 day, 2 hours ***
20 hours

1 day, 2 hours+

Gallery Edit

  • Alpine Roses Mastery Sign
  • Alpine Roses Market Stall
  • Alpine Roses Bushel

See alsoEdit

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