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Animal Workshop
Animal Workshop-icon
—Image © Zynga
First Date Available 20121105November 5, 2012
Last Date Available present
Required minimum level(s): Player Level: 5
Cost: Coin-icon 5 coins
Points gained: XP-icon 0 XP
Source Market
Size 8x8 (an area of 64 squares)
Capacity 20
Harvest in item cannot be harvested
Tile type: see Template:infobox-building for template instructions
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The Animal Workshop is a building in FarmVille. It was originally released for the Mistletoe Lane farm. It can hold toy animals that can produce different spirits. With 5 types of spirits you can create 13 new animals.

Materials Edit

Grain of Sugar Grain of Spice Everything Nice
Grain of Sugar-icon Grain of Spice-icon Everything NiceAW-icon

Expansion Edit

Frame Half finished Finished
Stages Animal Workshop Stage 1-icon Animal Workshop Stage 2-icon Animal Workshop-icon
Grain of Sugar Grain of Sugar-icon 20
Grain of Spice Grain of Spice-icon 20
Everything Nice | 20


animal Purple Spirit-icon Purple Spirit Pink Spirit-icon Pink Spirit Blue Spirit-icon Blue Spirit Green Spirit-icon Green Spirit Orange Spirit-icon Orange Spirit Harvest Spirit
Bumby Bear-icon
Bumby Bear
4 Purple Spirit-icon
Max Moose-icon
Max Moose
5 Orange Spirit-icon
Winston Wolf-icon
Winston Wolf
2 4 Purple Spirit-icon
Catrina Cat-icon
Catrina Cat
4 3 Pink Spirit-icon
Bently Beagle-icon
Bently Beagle
4 3 2 Orange Spirit-icon
Mrs Flops-icon
Mrs Flops
4 4 3 Pink Spirit-icon
Davy Deer-icon
Davy Deer
5 4 4 Blue Spirit-icon
Petie Penguin-icon
Petie Penguin
4 5 4 3 Purple Spirit-icon
Patty Pig-icon
Patty Pig
4 6 6 4 Pink Spirit-icon
Sinclair Sheep-icon
Sinclair Sheep
5 7 6 6 Green Spirit-icon
Camilla Cow-icon
Camilla Cow
5 4 8 6 4 Orange Spirit-icon
Harrietta Horse-icon
Harrietta Horse
6 5 8 7 6 Blue Spirit-icon
Eugene Unicorn-icon
Eugene Unicorn
6 8 6 10 8 Green Spirit-icon

Storage Edit

Main article: Animal Workshop Table

Certain animals can be stored and harvested when placed in the Animal Workshop.

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