April Showers
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Farm: all
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First Available: April 10, 2011
Last Available: April 21, 2011
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The April Showers is an activity in FarmVille that lasted for 12 days. It started on April 10th, 2011, as part of the Spring Event (2012).

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day with Cash-icon FarmVille Cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 12 items, the farmer will be rewarded with a special bonus prize, which is a Yellow Rose Horse.

The difference between this countdown and previous similar countdowns, is that you can collect more that 1 "item of the day", and that is determined with the number of the day. These can be posted on the wall every 3 hours and each friend can help 1 time per 1 post.

April Showers Day 1 April Showers Day 2April Showers Day 3April Showers Day 4 April Showers Day 5April Showers Day 6
April Showers Day 1-icon April Showers Day 2-icon April Showers Day 3-icon April Showers Day 4-icon April Showers Day 5-icon April Showers Day 6-icon
April Flower Patch-icon
April Flower Patch
Angel Trumpet Tree-icon
Angel Trumpet Tree
Spring Flower Fountain-icon
Spring Flower Fountain
Flower Antler Buck-icon
Flower Antler Buck
Flower Seller Gnome-icon
Flower Seller Gnome
Grass Widow-icon
Grass Widow
April Showers Day 7 April Showers Day 8 April Showers Day 9April Showers Day 10April Showers Day 11April Showers Day 12
April Showers Day 7-icon April Showers Day 8-icon April Showers Day 9-icon April Showers Day 10-icon April Showers Day 11-icon April Showers Day 12-icon
Flower Hippo-icon
Flower Hippo
April Flower Pond-icon
April Flower Pond
Flower Mane Cub-icon
Flower Mane Cub
Flower Windmill-icon
Flower Windmill
Puppy in Flowers-icon
Puppy in Flowers
Night Cereus Crop-icon
Night Cereus
Yellow Rose Horse-icon
Yellow Rose Horse
Collect All 12

Related items Edit

Giant Angel Trumpet Tree-icon
Giant Angel Trumpet Tree
Yellow Rose Foal-icon
Yellow Rose Foal


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