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Arabian Nights Countdown
5th Birthday Party Quest-icon

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Farm: all
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First Available: April 25, 2017
Last Available: May 16, 2017
none Arabian Nights Countdown none
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The Arabian Nights Countdown is countdown activity in FarmVille that lasts for 16 days plus extra 5 days if you was not able to get all 16 items. It started on April 25, 2017.

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day wiAth FarmVille Cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 16 items, the farmer will be rewarded with a special bonus prize.

You can ask friends for help via wall post every 6 hours. After revealing Day 16 price and completing it you will get chance to get all rewards again within time period of 5 days.

Released items by days:Edit

Arabian Nights Countdown Day 1 Magical Lamp Tree Stamp-icon
Requires 4 Stamps
Magical Lamp Tree Stamp
Magical Lamp Tree-icon
Magical Lamp Tree
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 2 Ornamental Palm Tree Stamp-icon
Requires 5 Stamps
Ornamental Palm Tree Stamp
Ornamental Palm Tree-icon
Ornamental Palm Tree
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 3 Arabic Bloom Tree Stamp-icon
Requires 6 Stamps
Arabic Bloom Tree Stamp
Arabic Bloom Tree-icon
Arabic Bloom Tree
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 4 Arabic Dancer Gnomette Stamp-icon
Requires 6 Stamps
Arabic Dancer Gnomette Stamp
Arabic Dancer Gnomette-icon
Arabic Dancer Gnomette
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 5 Arabic Glow Lamp Stamp-icon
Requires 7 Stamps
Arabic Glow Lamp Stamp
Arabic Glow Lamp-icon
Arabic Glow Lamp
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 6 Arabic Pot Fountain Stamp-icon
Requires 7 Stamps
Arabic Pot Fountain Stamp
Arabic Pot Fountain-icon
Arabic Pot Fountain
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 7 Bridal Veil Cat Stamp-icon
Requires 9 Stamps
Bridal Veil Cat Stamp
Bridal Veil Cat-icon
Bridal Veil Cat
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 8 Arabian Caped Dog Stamp-icon
Requires 10 Stamps
Arabian Caped Dog Stamp
Arabian Caped Dog-icon
Arabian Caped Dog
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 9 Flying Carpet Panda Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Flying Carpet Panda Stamp
Flying Carpet Panda-icon
Flying Carpet Panda
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 10 Arabian Prince Cheetah Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Arabian Prince Cheetah Stamp
Arabian Prince Cheetah-icon
Arabian Prince Cheetah
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 11 Exotic Dancer Meerkat Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Exotic Dancer Meerkat Stamp
Exotic Dancer Meerkat-icon
Exotic Dancer Meerkat
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 12 Feather Warrior Monkey Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Feather Warrior Monkey Stamp
Feather Warrior Monkey-icon
Feather Warrior Monkey
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 13 Arabic Lantern Chicken Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Arabic Lantern Chicken Stamp
Arabic Lantern Chicken-icon
Arabic Lantern Chicken
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 14 Arab Turban Camel Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Arab Turban Camel Stamp
Arab Turban Camel-icon
Arab Turban Camel
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 15 Arab Musician Duk Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Arab Musician Duk Stamp
Arab Musician Duk-icon
Arab Musician Duk
Arabian Nights Countdown Day 16 Exotic Dancer Pig Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Exotic Dancer Pig Stamp
Exotic Dancer Pig-icon
Exotic Dancer Pig
Bonus Gift Collect All 16 Arabic Princess Pegasus-icon
Arabic Princess Pegasus

Products of animals, trees released: Edit

Image offspring
NoImage ?
NoImage ?
NoImage ?
NoImage ?
NoImage ?

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