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Avalon Wilderlands is an extension of FarmVille and is the 23rd Farm's (Season 1), excluding the expansion farms and mini farms. It was released as part of the Avalon Wilderlands (event). It stated its early access on January 12th, 2015 for players who are willing to pay Cash-icon 45 cash. It was released for free to all players on January 19th, 2015. You needed to be at experience level 15 or above to use this farm.

Shared Items Edit

Avalon Wilderlands and Avalon Kingdom will share the same Storage Cellar capacity with each other, which will be increased to 1,500 instead of the normal 1,250; with the release of the Kingdom portion of the farm.

Early Access Edit

If you buy early access you will get:

  1. Double Bushels early access week (Avalon farm only)
  2. Free fuel early access week (Avalon farm only)
  3. Avalon - Wilderlands market items
  4. Access to exclusive Avalon - Wilderlands quests & rewards
  5. 1x - Duke Starter Pack (Cash-icon 72 cash value)
    1. 1x - Avalon Point-icon 400 avalon points
    2. 6x - Medieval Timber
    3. 6x - Lime Mortars
    4. 6x - Medieval Bricks
    5. 16x - War Hammers
    6. 16x - Magical Wands
    7. 1x - Elemental Tree (tree ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    8. 1x - Skippy Archer Rabbit (animal ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    9. 1x - Smithy Unicorn (animal ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  6. 1x - Avalon Combine (complete - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  7. 1x - Turquoise Beauty Unicorn (animal - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  8. 3x - Exclusive Seeds
    1. Calabash
    2. Red Charm Peony
    3. Velvet Queen Sunflower

Starting your farm Edit

You start your farm of with the following:

  1. Stationary buildings:
    1. 1x - House of the Mystics
    2. 1x - Village Granary (similar to the Hollybright Tree - Open all of the presents to gain an Unwither Ring)
  2. Purpose buildings:
    1. 1x - Avalon Storage Cellar (100 depth Storage - Shared with Avalon Kingdom section - max capacity increased to 1,500 from 1,250 as on other farms)
    2. 1x - Avalon Garage (15 of 30 parts)
    3. 1x - Avalon Orchard (10 of 30 parts)
    4. 1x - Avalon Pasture (10 of 30 parts)
  3. Crafting buildings:
    1. 1x - Avalon Craftshop
    2. 1x - Avalon Stall (Shared with Avalon Kingdom section - max 5 for both sections)
    3. 1x - Glass Blower with Iridescent Ornament (ready to harvest)
    4. 1x - Forest Fair with Snowdrop (ready to harvest - similar to the Elite Horses self contained crafting building)
  4. Animals
    1. 1x - Decorated Shire Horse (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    2. 1x - Bard Chicken (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  5. Trees
    1. 1x - Secret Door Tree (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    2. 1x - Medeval Orange Tree (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  6. Decorations
    1. Miller's House (Cash-icon ? cash value)
    2. Village Side Windmill (Cash-icon ? cash value)
  7. Plots:
    1. 19x - Plots-Land Land plots, with room to add more.
      1. 9x - Blood Root
      2. 10x - Fleur De Liss
  8. Hidden treasures:
    1. 3x - Small Fighting Swords (requires 10 Magical Wands ea.)
    2. 3x - Medium Broken Boulderss (requires 22 Magical Wands ea.)
    3. 3x - Large Enchanted Gargoyles (requires 28 War Hammers ea.)
    4. 0x - Extra Large Ale Ruinss (requires 42 War Hammers ea.)

Avalon Points Edit

Main article: Avalon Point
Avalon Point-icon

Avalon Point

Avalon Points are the new experience system for Avalon. These are similar to the Spook Point system in Haunted Hollow, Zen Point system in Jade Falls, Cheer Point system in Mistletoe Lane and Fairy Point system in Enchanted Glen. Similarly, you have to get started at Level 1 once again.

How to gain Avalon Points Edit

You can earn these Avalon Points in a number of fun ways:

  1. Planting/harvesting Avalon crops/seeds
  2. Leveling up your Glass Blower
  3. Crafting in the Forest Fair (Self Contained crafting building)
  4. Discovering the Hidden Treasures
  5. Upgrading the House Of The Mystics (stationary building)

As with previous expansions, all players will start out as Level 1 in Avalon, regardless of your level on your Home Farm or other expansions.

Items Edit

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For non-locked items, see Avalon Wilderlands (event).

The following items are locked to Avalon Wilderlands, and cannot be placed on any other farm.

Beat Avalon Wilderlands Edit

Task # Description Reward
1 File:House of The Mystics-icon.png
Expand House of The Mystics through Level 10
Avalon Point-icon 2,000 avalon points
2 Master the following 21 Avalon - Wilderlands crops to 3 star Mastery
Black Velvet Petunia, Blood Root, Borage, English Lavender, Fair Maid, Fluer De Lis, French Fingerling Potato, French Petite Plum, Golden Beet, Good King Henry, Ilex Berry, Laurel Berry, Loquat, Love Lies Bleeding, Ornamental Cabbage, Purple Passion, Purple Queen Bean, Royal Mandrake, Scarlet Pimpernal, Tansy, Wild Leek
Instagrow Potion-icon
2x Instagrow Potions
3 File:Forest Fair-icon.png
Make all 15 Animals in the Forest Fair
5x Unwithers
  1. House of The Mystics
  2. Mastering 21 crops to 3 stars
  3. Forest Fair
Beat Avalon Wilderland Statue and Shipping license

Beat Avalon Wilderland Statue Avalon Wilderlands Shipping License

Hidden Treasures Edit

Main article: Hidden Treasure

Farm Expansion Edit

Main article: Expand Farm

Slideshow Edit

See also Edit

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