If a farmer starts a barn raising, they can increase the capacity of a storage building. To have a barn raising, a farmer must get 10 neighbors to help with their barn in 3 days. A storage building can be raised twice. The first time will add 5 to its storage; the second time adds 7 to the storage (making a total addition of 12 extra storage place). You can also pay 10 cash for the next available upgrade and get it immediately.

The total limit of storage capacity is 500 items (this was changed from 200 to 500 after the release of the Storage Cellar). After a farmer reaches 500 items capacity in storage, they cannot increase it any further, no matter how many Barns or Tool Sheds they have.

Name Image Original Storage First Barn Raising Second Barn Raising
Modern Barn Modern Barn-icon 22 27 34
Modern Tool Shed Modern Tool Shed-icon 15 20 27
Cowprint Barn Cowprint Barn-icon 20 25 32
Cowprint Shed Cowprint Shed-icon 15 20 27
Red Barn Red Barn-icon 6 11 18
Pink Barn Pink Barn-icon 20 25 32
Pink Tool Shed Pink Tool Shed-icon 15 20 27
Black Barn Black Barn-icon 20 25 32
Blue Barn Blue Barn-icon 20 25 32
White Barn White Barn-icon 20 25 32
Groovy Barn Groovy Barn-icon 20 25 32
Weathered Barn Weathered Barn-icon 20 25 32
Tool Shed Tool Shed-icon 2 7 14
Chicken Coop Chicken Coop-icon 20 40 60
Dairy Farm Dairy Farm-icon 20 30 40

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