Belted Ducks are lost animals that wander onto farms. It was released on January 12, 2011. Farmers have the option to help the animal or send it away. By helping it, it becomes available for a farmer's neighbors to adopt. A Belted Duck takes 2 days to grow and produces Down Feathers, similar to a Duck.

On the same day of its release, Belted Duck was also made available via I gift Gifting.

When placed in the Duck Pond the Belted Duck can be harvested every 24 hours.

Adoption Edit

Belted Ducks are available for adoption.

Main article: Lost Animal
Image Status Update
Found Belted Duck

—Image © Zynga
Player was farming when a sad and lonely Belted Duck wandered onto their farm. The duck was flying south for the winter but became lost along the way. They're hoping you'll give them a nice new home on your farm.

Containment Edit

The Belted Duck is also a reward, by the completion growing a Aviary's Common Orange Aviary Egg, released on the September 7, 2011.

Mastery Edit

Main article: Mastery
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
18 29 60 107
Belted Duck Mastery Sign-icon

—Image © Zynga

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