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—Image © Zynga
First date available: June 3, 2010
Last date available: available
Source: market
Required minimum level(s): Player Level: 12
Cost: Coin-icon 30,000 coins
Points gained: XP-icon 300 XP
World Location: all
Tile type: see Template:infobox-vehicle for template instructions
Vehicle Size 4x4 (an area of 16 squares)
Storage: Garage
Coverage: see Template:infobox-vehicle for template instructions
Sell for Coin-icon 1,500 coins

For other uses, see Airplane (disambiguation).

The Biplane is an item in FarmVille that will instantly grow a farmer's entire crop.

Acquisition Edit

It can be either purchased from the market, for 30,000 coins. It could be obtained as a prize, for the gold medal, in the Peanut Butter Jelly co-op.

Usage Edit

The first use of the Biplane tool is free (and do note: this is for the tool, so buying another plane does not get you another free flight!). After that it will cost FarmVille Cash to operate it. Cost to use the Biplane depends both on the number of plots and how long the crop still has to grow. The first night of release, it was noted some users weren't receiving the free use after purchasing it. This has been fixed.

As of November 12, 2010, Farmers' can use the Biplane to instantly grow their trees.

As of July 28th, 2011, Farmers' can use the Biplane to instantly ready their animals.

Even without the biplane you can now instantly grow your crops.

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