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Black Chicken
Black Chicken-icon
—Image © Zynga
First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-animal for template instructions
Cost: Cash-icon 15 cash
World Location: see Template:infobox-animal for template instructions
Source: Market, Mystery Egg, Aviary Egg
Tile type: see Template:infobox-animal for template instructions
Size: 1x1 (an area of 1 square)
Harvest description: Eggs
Time until harvest (on farm): 1 day, 1 hour
(in building): see article text
Harvest for: Coin-icon 32 coins
per hour
per square
(on farm):
Coin-icon 1.33 coins
Sell for: Coin-icon 20 coins
Parents: multiple
Storage: Chicken Coop + Aviary
Offspring: Black Mystery Egg
Mystery Baby Rarity: mystery baby data is not known

For the other types of chicken available, see Chicken (disambiguation).

The Black Chicken is an animals available on FarmVille. They take 1 day to grow and produce black eggs, which can be collected by a farmer for 32 coins. A Black Chicken can be received as a possible reward from several Mystery Eggs, including black, brown, Cornish, English, golden, Rhode Island Red, and Scots Grey Mystery Eggs

Containment Edit

A Chicken Coop can be purchased for 5,000 coins and can hold 100 Black Chickens.

The Black Chicken is also a reward, by the completion growing a Aviary's Common Orange Aviary Egg, released on the September 07, 2011.

Mastery Edit

Main article: Mastery
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
11 19 37 67
Black Chicken Mastery Sign-icon
—Image © Zynga

Trivia Edit

The Black Chicken is listed as taking 0.9 days to harvest when viewed in the chicken coop. All others are listed as 1 day.

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