The Border Collie Puppy is a pet on FarmVille. As an adult Border Collie it can be taught to harvest animals. It is based off the real world Border Collie.

The Red Border Collie and the Honey Terrier are currently the only pets that are available for coins. The Black Border Collie and the Chocolate Border Collie can only be bought for cash. Like the Honey Terrier, the Red Border Collie comes with a one-day supply of Puppy Kibble and must be fed once a day for 14 days in a row or it will run away. To get it back you must rescue it from the pound by paying 2 cash. After 14 days of feeding, the Border Collie puppy will grow up and will not run away, as adult dogs no longer need to be fed. Border Collies bought for 65 cash come with a full two weeks worth of kibble and will not run away if not fed every day.

The Border Collie learns tricks, including shake hands, roll over, and play dead, using doggie treats daily. The final trick is 'Harvest Animals', which lets the border collie harvest 20 animals each day. The animals appear to be selected randomly from all animals that are ready to be harvested.

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Color Puppy
Black Border Collie Puppy-icon
Chocolate Bordercollie Puppy Chocolate
Red Bordercollie Puppy Red

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