The Boy vs Girl is a voting building in FarmVille. The Boy vs Girl can be placed on any farm. It was originally released on March 8, 2017. It had 12 questions. Each answer had 2 options and you needed help from at least 6 friends at same answer to be able to redeem some reward. Also each reward can be bought for Cash-icon  cash without any friend votes.

Stages Edit

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
More Left Answers More Right Answers
Boy vs Girl 1-icon Boy vs Girl 2-icon

Questions Edit

Question 1 Edit

Would I prefer blue or pink?
Blue Frill Cow-icon Southern Pink Cow-icon
Blue Frill Cow Southern Pink Cow

Question 2 Edit

Would I rather wear pants or skirts?
Suited Dog-icon Skirty Dog-icon
Suited Dog Skirty Dog

Question 3 Edit

Would I rather be a prince or a princess?
Royal Cat-icon Highness Cat-icon
Royal Cat Highness Cat

Question 4 Edit

Would I rather be rugged or soft?
Lumber Hippo-icon Flowery Hippo-icon
Lumber Hippo Flowery Hippo

Question 5 Edit

Am I more likely to wear hats or hairbands?
Hatter Tree-icon Headband Tree-icon
Hatter Tree Headband Tree

Question 6 Edit

Would I rather wear oxfords or heels?
Charismatic Gnome-icon Alluring Gnomette-icon
Charismatic Gnome Alluring Gnomette

Question 7 Edit

Do I prefer wearing suits or dresses?
Tux Pig-icon Missy Pig-icon
Tux Pig Missy Pig

Question 8 Edit

Would I rather play with toy cars vs dolls?
Toy Sports Car-icon Play Doll-icon
Toy Sports Car Play Doll

Question 9 Edit

Would I prefer going bald or braiding my hair?
Handsome Horse-icon Attractive Horse-icon
Handsome Horse Attractive Horse

Question 10 Edit

Do I prefer watching action movies or romantic ones?
Adventure Arch-icon Couple Arch-icon
Adventure Arch Couple Arch

Question 11 Edit

Am I into sports or shopping?
Sporty Sheep-icon Shopy Sheep-icon
Sporty Sheep Shopy Sheep

Question 12 Edit

Am I more likely to be suave or graceful?
Suave Pegasus-icon Graceful Pegasus-icon
Suave Pegasus Graceful Pegasus

Final Reward Edit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.

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