Bride of Duckula
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Farm: all
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-quest for template instructions
First Available: October 23, 2012
Last Available: November 13, 2012
none Bride of Duckula none
Sharing Bonus(es):

Bride of Duckula is a new multistage Escapade feature that was originally released on October 23rd 2012. It's located on outer right side of farm. It have 9 stages that have different duration and difficulties.

Now that Count Duckula has been re-released in FarmVille, it's time to help the Count prepare for the upcoming arrival of his bride: the Bride of Duckula.

Stage 1Edit

You'll need to ask your friends for 6 Dusty Duster-icon Dusty Dusters and 6 Insta Cobweb Spray-icon Insta Cobweb Sprays via general news items posted on your wall, while 8 Moldy Sponge-icon Moldy Sponges are earned via individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. When you complete this first challenge, you'll receive a Frankencat-icon Frankencat.


Stage 2Edit

You'll need to get 8 Dark Candle-icon Dark Candles by sending requests directly to your friends for help. You'll receive a Dark Candle Tree-icon Dark Candle Treeforfinishingthis stage.

Dark Candle Tree-icon

Stage 3Edit

You'll need to get 5 Add Friend-icon different friends helping you out. You'll receive an Invisible Maid Gnome-icon Invisible Maid Gnomeforfinishing this task.

Invisible Maid Gnome-icon

Stage 4Edit

You'll need to get 6 Parchments-icon Parchments and 6 Boxes of Chocolates-icon Boxes of Chocolates by posting general news posts to your wall for all of your friends to help, while 10 Dark Rose-icon Dark Roses can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. You'll receive a Dark Rose Tree-icon Dark Rose Treefor finishing this task.

Dark Rose Tree-icon

Stage 5Edit

You'll need to ask 6 Add Friend-icon your friends to Help Serve Food, instead of sending you items directly. Friends can be earned by sending out direct requests to your neighbors. You'll receive a Duckulas Banquet Table-icon Duckulas Banquet Tableforfinishingthisfifth stage in the event.

Duckulas Banquet Table-icon

Stage 6Edit

You'll need to get 7 Tomato Juice-icon Tomato Juices and 7 Grass Souffle-icon Grass Souffles through general news items posted to your feed, while the 12 Gummy Worm Stew-icon Gummy-Worm Stews can be earned by sending out individual requests directly to your neighbors. You'll receive a Cthulhu Butler-icon Cthulhu Butlerforfinishingthisstage in the event.

Cthulhu Butler-icon

Stage 7Edit

You'll need to get 8 Pages of Sheet Music for the Violinist-icon Pages of Sheet Music for the Violinist by posting a request directly to your wall/news feed, asking all friends to help at once. You'll receive a Werewolf Violinist-icon Werewolf Violinistforfinishingthis goal.

Werewolf Violinist-icon

Stage 8Edit

You'll need to get 8 Vine-icon Vines and 8 Dry Leave-icon Dry Leaves via posting more items to your news feed, asking your friends for help. The 14 Trunk-icon Trunks are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends. For finishing this final stage in this Bride of Duckula event, you'll receive the Bride of Duckula (animal)-icon Bride of Duckula (animal).

Bride of Duckula (animal)-icon

Stage 9Edit

You'll need to get 12 Spectral Apple-icon Spectral Apples. You'll receive a Spectral Horse-icon Spectral Horsethis final stage in this Bride of Duckula event.

Spectral Horse-icon

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