The Brown Duckling is an animal in FarmVille available through breeding ducks in the Duck Pond. After receiving a Brown Duckling, players have the option to get help from neighbors to raise it and make it grow into variety of ducks. The help of 7 neighbors is required to raise a duckling and the time this is accomplished in will determine which duck it transforms into.

On March 19th 2011, FarmVille offered one Brown Duckling to all farmers.

Rewards for Raising Edit

Reward Duck Time Scale
Black Swan
Black Swan-icon
Less than 24 Hours
Wood Duck
Wood Duck-icon
1 Day
Muscovy Duck
Muscovy Duck-icon
2 Days
Indian Runner Duck
Indian Runner Duck-icon
3 Days
Cayuga Duck
Cayuga Duck-icon
4 Days
Goldeneye Duck
Goldeneye Duck-icon
5 Days
Red-Billed Duck Red-Billed Duck-icon 6 Days

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