The Brown Pony Foal is the offspring of the Brown Pony and any Stallion, which can be found by putting a Sire and a Dam in a Horse Stable.

Farmers can use the "instant grow up!" menu option to transform this foal into an adult horse. This menu option costs Cash-icon 25 cash.

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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
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The Brown Pony can be stored in the Horse Stable. A Horse Stable can be harvested once every day. When harvesting a Horse Stable containing at least one Brown Pony, players have a chance to find one Brown Pony Foal*, Arborist, Farmhand, or XP-icon 100 experience. Farmhands, Arborists, and experience go directly to the player's gift box. However, the Brown Pony Foal may only be shared to the player's wall, where it may be adopted by the player's friends.


  • Zynga considers the Brown Pony a mare♀.Mares require the presence of at least 1 (one) stallion in the Horse Stable in order to produce a foal.

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