This is the page for bugs in the Farmville game that have been fixed and/or now no longer affect game play. A 'bug' is when the game software malfunctions or fails to perform as the game authors apparently intended. Unfixed, currently active bugs should not be added here; they may be added to Bug (in-game, current).

This is not the place to report specific problems you are having with your farm, and not the place to talk about how you wish Farmville worked differently.

Giant Cupid's Castle Edit

During the Winter Holiday Event (2010), Cupid's Castle sometimes appeared approximately four times the correct size on the farm, blocking access to items behind it.

Snow Stallion in Stable Edit

On December 14, 2010, a bug prevented the Snow Stallion from being placed in the horse stable. The bug was fixed within two days.

Snow Stallion Gifting Edit

In mid-December 2010 another bug developed, which prevented players who had fully upgraded the Holiday Tree (2010) and redeemed for the Snow Stallion from gifting it to friends (it showed as giftable to 0 friends).

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