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Cat Lady
Cat Lady-icon
—Image © Zynga
Ribbon Information
First date available: unknown
Last Date Available: present
Description: Brush cats to earn ribbons
Yellow Ribbon Yellow Ribbon-icon 5
White Ribbon White Ribbon-icon 50
Red Ribbon Red Ribbon-icon 100
Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon-icon 250

The Cat Lady ribbon is an achievement in FarmVille. A farmer must brush (harvest) cats to earn ribbons. Any type of cat or tabby will do. (See list below)

Harversting your neighbor's cats does not count towards your ribbon.

List of Cats Edit

Level Image Cat type Acquirement
1 Black Cat-icon Black Cat Lost Animal
1 Bobcat-icon Bobcat Cash-icon 22 cash
1 Grey Tabby-icon Grey Tabby Mystery Gift-icon Mystery Gift
1 Himalayan Cat-icon Himalayan Cat Lost Animal
1 Invisible Cat-icon Invisible Cat Cash-icon 22 cash1
1 Orange Tabby-icon Orange Tabby Cash-icon 9 cash
20 Pub Cat-icon Pub Cat Coin-icon 5,000 coins
1 Sphynx-icon Sphynx Mystery Box-icon Mystery Box2
Vineyard Cat-icon Vineyard Cat FarmVille Mystery Game (Released: July 31, 2011)
1 White Kitty-icon White Kitty Lost Animal
1 only during Alice in Wonderland Event
2 23rd generation only

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Colour Experience Coins
Cat lady yellow 50 1,000
Cat lady white 100 2,500
Cat lady red 250 5,000
Cat lady blue 1,000 10,000

Trivia Edit

  • Unintentionally, harvesting Boer goats used to count towards this ribbon.

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