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Chinese FarmVille is a Chinese version of FarmVille. It was released in late December 2010 and it's very similar to the original FarmVille, except for few differences in the items, and of course the language. You will be asked to start playing Chinese FarmVille when somebody with that version of game sends you a gift request or invites you. You can start playing this version from this link: If you already have an open FV account, your level will be copied to this version. This does not affect on your regular account. FV Cash may or may not transfer. You also will receive Cash-icon  cash like you played this game and you did not spend anything - depends your level ofachievement.

Messages Edit

Increment message on Chinese FV
As of Jan 22, 2011

Market welcome screen 18.08.2011

China market

Animals need to be reunited

Animal reunited

Market seeds&trees 18.08.2011

Market animals 18.08.2011

Market buildings 18.08.2011

Market decorations 18.08.2011

Market farm aides 18.08.2011

Market clothes 18.08.2011

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