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Clubs Seeds were removed temporaity and they should be back soon.

Clubs! On FarmVille got introduced on November 21th, 2012. The idea is to plant and harvest crops with your neighbors through a club. Each week you will work together to grow crops. If your Club earns enough mastery points (relevant to other Clubs), you will have a permanent license to that specific crop. This is a brand new challenge for all FarmVille Crop Mastery hounds who collect shiny Crop Mastery signs.

Diffrent ClubsEdit

You can join a club by clicking the Club icon on the bottom near your neighbors bar. You can only join public clubs, unless you got an invite to join a private club. Your friends can invite you to both.
You can also make a Club yourself, but you can only join 1 at the time. To create a club, you will need different parts. You can ask these parts from your neighbors. You will need 50 Signatures-icon Signatures, 50 Club Seeds-icon Club Seeds, and 50 20px Club Flags (or pay Cash-icon 150 cash at once). You can then choose an icon and a name for your club and start inviting friends.

When you join a club, you will notice some people having different ranks than you.

  • Leader of a Club - The person who leads the club. This person cal leave messages to other members of the Club using the message window. When the leader harvests crops, their harvests count x150 of the Club's overall score. They also have a special badge next to their profile picture in the Club Leaderboard window.
  • Expert Farmer - the person with the top harvests in the Club. Their harvests count x80 towards the Club's overall score. They also have a special badge next to their profile picture in the Club Leaderboard window.

Weekly Crop Harvesting ContestEdit

The main point of a Club is to harvest as much as possible of the weekly crop. You can see the weekly crop on the left of the Clubs! window. All the others will show a lock on the image. You can use ALL of your farms to gather more points. All of the crops are land-based, so no need for water- or terrace plots. On the bottom left of the Clubs! window, you will see how much time you got left to get your score up. At the end of the week, if your Club is in the top 50% of the Club Leaderboard for that specific crop, you can advance and move on to the next crop. You can see where you stand with the pointer, the green half means you are part of the top 50%. The red half means you are NOT part of the top 50% and obviously need to plant and harvest more to advance. Important! - If your Club doesn't get into the top half, you will have to start over again and try to get into the top half before you can advance.

Once your Club wins a round, you will earn yourselves a permanent license for the crop that you were working hard on. Each of these FarmVille Club Crops are masterable, just like any other Farmville Crops found in the Market. Besides the usual shiny Crop Mastery signs, you will also receive a shiny Club Trophy to show off. Each time your Club gets into the top 50%, you will receive a trophy.


Every Stage means at least one week of planting and harvesting to get your Club's points up! This can be multiple weeks in a row, for it is not said the club will get into the top 50%.

for more information see Clubs/Crops

Stage Crop Crop Name
1 Strawberries-icon Sparkleberries
2 Pricklepears-icon Pricklepears
3 Roundaloupe-icon Roundaloupe
4 Crankyberries-icon Crankyberries
5 Hydromelons-icon Hydromelons
6 Tootmatoos-icon Tootmatoos
7 Curlyroots-icon Curlyroots
8 Cornipers-icon Cornipers
9 Leafaloupe-icon Leafaloupe
10 Brocabits-icon Brocabits
11 Cuddlecumbers-icon Cuddlecumbers
12 Plumperkins-icon Plumperkins
13 Razzledazzles-icon Razzledazzles
14 Daffydoils-icon Daffydoils
15 Pepperpeno-icon Pepperpeno
16 Bountiberries-icon Bountiberries
17 Grapears-icon Grapears
18 Popadoes-icon Popadoes
19 Sunnybunnies-icon Sunnybunnies
20 Coffaroot-icon Coffaroot
21 Zuteeny-icon Zuteeny
22 Gladypaddies-icon Gladypaddies
23 Airyberry-icon Airyberry
24 Peabees-icon Peabees
25 Unyuns-icon Unyuns
26 Asparagles-icon Asparagles
27 Elderbizzies-icon Elderbizzies
28 Squashakins-icon Squashakins
29 Gingerlees-icon Gingerlees
30 Spinachokes-icon Spinachokes


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