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The Comment Box was released on March 12th. It is an in-game way to communicate between neighbors, to leave comments on each other farms and keep the track of the visits and social actions that have been made on your farm. A farmer can see the last visits of his neighbors and read messages his neighbors sent.

Notes Edit

  • The Comment Box icon is located on the top-right corner of the game window: clicking this button will open the box.
  • Comments will be listed under the "Comments" section, with the newest at the top of the list. Clicking on the “Visits” tab in your comment box will allow you to see who has visited your farm, fertilized your crops, fed your chickens and sent you gifts.
  • From your Comment Box you can also place a sign post on the person's farm. Simply type what you wish to post and check the “Place a signpost” box. Clicking the “Post” button will allow you to place the signpost on the farm.
  • If you click the comments icon when visiting a Neighbor’s Farm, you have the option to leave a comment, place a Sign Post or Post a comment to their Facebook profile.

Gallery Edit

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