The Cornish Mystery Egg is a type of Mystery Egg.

Chicken Coop Edit

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It may be found when a harvesting a Chicken Coop that contains chickens that lay Cornish eggs. If the coop is on a farmer's own farm, only neighbors can receive the egg. If the egg is on a neighbor's farm, the farmer is awarded with an egg in his gift box and may also post an egg for sharing.

Cornish Chicken

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Possible Offspring Chicken-icon
Brown Chicken-icon
Brown Chicken
Black Chicken-icon
Black Chicken
Golden Chicken-icon
Golden Chicken
Cornish Chicken-icon
Cornish Chicken
Scots Grey Chicken-icon
Scots Grey Chicken
Other possible contents Chicken Gnome(6.8%)
Orange Butterfly(17.6%)
Windmill (12.7%)
20 Fuel Refills (+500 XP)(6.8%)

Previous Contents Edit

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Previous contents Uncommon Collection Item
Rare Collection Item
Cow Bell
Zebra Butterfly