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Cow Pasture
Cow Pasture3-icon

—Image © Zynga
First Date Available November 22, 2011
Last Date Available present
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-building for template instructions
Cost: Cash-icon 30 cash
Coin-icon 0 coins
Points gained: XP-icon 5 XP
Source Market
Size 8x6 (an area of 48 squares)
Capacity 20/40/60
Harvest in 1 day, 1 hour
Farm: all
Tile type: land

The Cow Pasture is an Animal Breeding Building like the Wildlife Habitat, Pet Run, Zoo, Aviary and Livestock Pen. It allows the storing and breeding of cattle.

It was released on September 22nd, 2011 in FarmVille.

The frame can be purchased in the Market for Coin-icon 0 coins, or a completed frame can be purchased fully built for Cash-icon 30 cash. Frames requires 10 Hay Bundles, 10 Tin Sheets, and 10 Stones to be fully constructed and usable. After construction is finished you get 1 Irish Moiled Cow as reward for completion.

This building can hold different types of Cows, Bulls, Yaks and similar animals. The Cow Pasture can contain up to 20 animals, and can be expanded to contain additional cow type animals.

The number of Cow Pastures on a farm is not limited, however you can only construct one type, per farm, at a time.

Construction Edit

Expansion Level Cow Pasture1-icon
Construction Stage 1
Cow Pasture2-icon
Construction Stage 2
Cow Pasture3-icon
Construction Stage 3
Cow Pasture3-icon
Initial Construction Complete
1st Expansion 2nd Expansion 3rd Expansion
Hay Bundle-icon
Hay Bundles
10 Needed 15 Needed 20 Needed 25 Needed
Tin Sheet-icon
Tin Sheets
10 Needed 15 Needed 20 Needed 25 Needed
10 Needed 15 Needed 20 Needed 25 Needed
Capacity 0 0 0 22 27 34

Storage Edit

Main article: Cow Pasture Table

Certain animals can be stored and harvested when placed in the Cow Pasture.

Harvesting Edit

The Cow Pastures can be harvested every 24 hour day, no matter what the normal harvest time of the animals inside. Each time the Cow Pasture is harvested, the player gains coins and either a scoop of Animal Feed or a baby version of one of the animals contained in the pasture.

Variations Edit

Atlantis Pasture Edit

Australian Pasture Edit

Candy Pasture Edit

Glen Cow Pasture Edit

Haunted Pasture Edit

Holiday Cow Pasture Edit

Island Pasture Edit

Hawaiian Paradise (farm) FarmVille released the Island Pasture which needs the same building parts as the Cow Pasture and holds the same animals. After finishing building you will get 1 Red Cow.

Jade Pasture Edit

Mystical Pasture Edit

Space Pasture Edit

Winter Pasture Edit

Winter Wonderland (farm) FarmVille released Winter Pasture which needs the same building parts as the Cow Pasture and holds the same animals but it has a snow themed look. You are allowed to build a Cow Pasture and a Winter Pasture at the same time as well.

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