Crafting Buildings (originally called Crafting Cottages) are buildings in FarmVille. Zynga began to slowly release the buildings on July 20, 2010 to work out any bugs and keep their servers from crashing, and was fully released to all on July 27, 2010.

They temporarily appeared in the market for 1,000,000 coins each so Zynga could determine demand for these items, then they disappeared. When the Farmer's Market was released, it mentioned that bushels will be used for crafting items in the Crafting Cottages. Therefore, you will need at least one Market Stall to create Crafting Cottage items.

Preview Edit

On June 8th, 2010 FarmVille releases a preview to Crafting Cottages, which gives information about the coming soon gameplay. Farmers were given a chance to sign up and choose a cottage. After signing up, farmers could get one of Limited Edition Gnomes.

Gnome size comparison

Chef Gnome (left) and Chef Gnome Sr. (right)

Spa Gnome-icon
Spa Gnome Sr.
Chef Gnome-icon
Chef Gnome Sr.
Bacchus Gnome-icon
Bacchus Gnome Sr.

When farmers post their choice as to which cottage they use, neighbors could get smaller versions of those gnomes as well:

Spa Gnome-icon
Spa Gnome
Chef Gnome-icon
Chef Gnome
Bacchus Gnome-icon
Bacchus Gnome

The only real difference is the name (Sr.) and the Sr. gnomes are 1.5x the size of the other regular gnome.

There are no longer Gnomes as rewards for choosing your crafting building.

Purposes Edit

Currently, crafting goods can be traded for fuel. In the future, goods will be able to be traded for special prizes. The maximum level recipes can reach is currently unlimited. Although, the level of each recipe is not capped, the maximum fuel you can receive is capped at 325 plots for any good sold at level 100 and higher.

Crafting Buildings Edit

Players may only have one each of the following buildings with a maximum limit of 3 crafting buildings, per farm. The Craftshop and the Crafting Silo do not count towards that limit.

Crafting Silo-icon
Crafting Silo
(Makes Pastries)
Potion Shop-icon
Potion Shop
(Makes Perfume)
Sweet Shop5-icon
Sweet Shoppe
Tea Garden-icon
Tea Garden
Tiki Bar-icon
Tiki Bar
(Makes Wine)

Animal Crafting Buildings Edit

Players may have as many buildings per farm as they like. However, they can only construct one, individual building, at a time.

Animal Workshop-icon
Animal Workshop
Dino Lab-icon
Dino Lab
(Makes Dinosaurs)
Extinct Animal Zoo-icon
Extinct Animal Zoo
Monster Lab-icon
Monster Lab
Unicorn Island-icon
Unicorn Island
(Makes Unicorns)

Deleting or Buying Additional Buildings Edit

If for some reason you wish to delete your Crafting Building, all progress on the level of the Building and recipes will be saved. However, you will lose all goods that are being sold in your store.

If you wish to purchase a new Crafting Building, it can be purchased from the "Buildings" section of the Market for Coin-icon 100,000 coins, provided you do not have any other Crafting Building on your farm at the time. If you wish to purchase the two additional Buildings, they can be bought for Cash-icon 80 cash apiece.

On August 23rd, 2012 FarmVille changed buying from cash to free, so you can have all 3 buildings on all farms.

Gallery Edit

  • Crafting preview - introduction
  • Crafting preview - Bakery
  • Crafting preview - Winery
  • New crafting interface
  • Crafting Buildings - Loading Screen

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