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The Eiffel Tower is a decoration from the Valentine's Day Event, rewarded to a farmer after receiving and redeeming 150 valentines in their Valentine's Box.

When a farmer obtains an Eiffel Tower, they are given the choice to send out a feed to share one with a friend. The first friend that clicks on the feed will not be given an Eiffel Tower, but a Mini Eiffel.

Earlier you were able to sell it for 3000 coins, now you only gain 2000 coins if you want to sell it.

This item was re-released on February 2nd, 2011 as part of the Valentine's Day Event (2011). It could be obtained by redeeming 275 valentines at the Valentine's Mailbox.

This item was re-released July 14th, 2011 for the Parisian Event. It could be purchased for Cash-icon 150 cash.

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