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An expansion farm is a farm that is linked to an existing main farm and is used to expand the use of the main farm.

Expansion farms do not have quests that are related to them. Because of this, many players do not consider these farms to be true farms.

Home Farm Edit

Main article: Home Farm

The Home Farm is the first main farm to get an expansion farm called Sunflower Meadows.

Sunflower Meadows Edit

Main article: Sunflower Meadows

Sunflower Meadows is the first expansion farm released and is linked to the Home Farm.

Lavender Meadows Edit

Main article: Lavender Meadows

Lavender Meadows was supposed to be the second expansion farm to been released that was linked to the Home Farm, but around July 20th, 2014; FarmVille removed the icon and pop-up for this expansion farm.

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