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this wiki Exclusive Gifts are gifts neighbors can send to each other, but not through Facebook. These exclusive gifts can only be sent through Some of these decorations are not purchasable from the market. * means they are no longer available as an exclusive free gift, but items like the Log Bench and the Wooden Log can be purchased from the Market.

Table Edit

Gift Gift
Level Decoration
Barrel of Grapes-icon Barrel of Grapes* 22 1x1 Coin-icon  23 coins
Barrel of Apples-icon Barrel of Apples* 22 1x1 Coin-icon  25 coins
Blue Bike-icon Blue Bike* 1 1x3 Coin-icon  25 coins
Blue Soldier-icon Blue Soldier* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  75 coins
Caramel Bear-icon Caramel Bear* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  75 coins
Holly Fence-icon Holly Fence* 1 1x5 Coin-icon  15 coins
Ladder and Bucket-icon Ladder and Bucket* 22 1x1 Coin-icon  25 coins
Log Bench-icon Log Bench* 13 1x3 Coin-icon  57 coins
Orange Flag-icon Orange Flag* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  10 coins
Purple Flag-icon Purple Flag* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  10 coins
Snow Pile II-icon Snow Pile II* 1 2x4 Coin-icon  25 coins
White Flag-icon White Flag* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  10 coins
Wooden Log-icon Wooden Log* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  42 coins
New Orleans Flag-icon New Orleans Flag* 3 1x1 Coin-icon  50 coins
Indianapolis Flag-icon Indianapolis Flag* 3 1x1 Coin-icon  50 coins
Goal Post-icon Goal Post* 5 1x1 Coin-icon  100 coins
Pink Greenery-icon Pink Greenery* 1 2x2 Coin-icon  42 coins
Wood Picket Fence-icon Wood Picket Fence* 1 1x5 Coin-icon  30 coins
Sunflower in Bucket-icon Sunflower in Bucket* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  15 coins
Cone Topiary-icon Cone Topiary* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  50 coins
Long Log-icon Long Log* 1 1x5 Coin-icon  30 coins
Flax Plant-icon Flax Plant* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  5 coins
Hanging Tomato-icon Hanging Tomato* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  32 coins
Tropical Planter-icon Tropical Planter 1 1x1 Coin-icon  70 coins
Blue Bench-icon Blue Bench 1 1x3 Coin-icon  110 coins
Cement Planter-icon Cement Planter* 1 1x1 Coin-icon  70 coins
Yellow Mums-icon Yellow Mums 1 1x1 Coin-icon  10 coins

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