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FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation game developed by Zynga, on the social networking website Facebook. Feel free to contribute and help the community!

We have 17,958 articles and 8 active editors in the past 30 days.

All Game related images, info and articles about FarmVille on this wikia are © Zynga
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  • Pages & Templates:
    1. You can now share wiki pages on social media. Look for the Facebook, Google+, or Twitter buttons at the top of your favorite page!
    2. New userboxes for the Fields of El Dorado farm. (click here)
    3. The old "breeding" and "Animal Pen" templates have been revamped and renamed. Most storage buildings now use {{storage}} or one of its sub-templates. Please see {{storage}} for a list of templates now available for these buildings.
    4. New consolidated templates are available {{points}} (for all your XP type needs) and {{currency}} (for cash, coins, and any other currency type).
    5. Shared instructions are now available for all infobox templates. Check the template page for your favorite infobox template page to see them!
    6. Navigation templates have been updated. You can now use the default navigation template for all pages:
    7. Infobox templates have been modified to display an error message if they are using certain incorrect parameters. Pages using incorrect template parameters can be found in Category:Out of date infobox. Correct parameters and instructions can be found on the respective template page (e.g. {{infobox-animal}} or {{infobox-building}})
  • People:
    1. Request for editors: Please help add content to pages new and old. Everyone is encouraged to help fill in any missing information.
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What is the MINIMUM amount of Farm Cash spent that you would like to see a confirmation pop-up for? (to avoid losing cash to lag) Note: this pop-up will come up EVERY time you hit buy and may slow game play for a few seconds while you confirm or deny.

The poll was created at 18:32 on December 17, 2014, and so far 19 people voted.
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