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The FarmVille Wiki's Featured User program recognizes a user each month that that has done an outstanding job to improve the wiki. Throughout each month, users may be nominated by other users to receive this award at the end of the month. Only one user receives Featured User each month and may only be nominated once a month. All nominations last from whenever they are first submitted to the last day of the month, on which the user with the most votes is chosen as the Featured User, and is awarded with a template on their userpage, and their username on the main page for the entire following month. A featured user is permitted to place {{Featured Usertime period }} on their userpage.
How to nominate a user
Any user may be nominated to be featured user at any time during a month. To nominate a user, insert the following markup below the current nominations header.
===[[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]] (Score: +1)===
Reason for nomination. 

Self nominations are not permitted. Any user may vote, but each user is only allowed to vote for one candidate per month. You may only support, not oppose, nominations. If you wish, you may change your vote part way though a month; however, repeatedly doing this is discouraged.

Current Nominations - March 2014Edit

USERNAME (Score: +1)Edit

Reason for nomination.

Previous Featured Users Edit

February 2014 - Anonymous2222
January 2014 - Jrooksjr
December 2013 - Void (No Nominations)
November 2013 - Greenny
October 2013 - Void (No Nominations)
September 2013 - RoseXinh
August 2013 - Tythesly
July 2013 - Recorder18
June 2013 - LunaC
May 2013 - DirtFarmer
April 2013 - OCFVDcrewsupporter
March 2013 - Tythesly
February 2013 - Vandraedha
January 2013 - Greenny
December 2012 - Jrooksjr
November 2012 - MetalHarpey
October 2012 - Jrooksjr
September 2012 - Void (No Nominations)
August 2012 - SonOfCain
July 2012 - LittleNora
June 2012 - Misty.gregg
May 2012 - Ayopip
April 2012 - OCFVDcrewsupporter
March 2012 - AlexSUCF
February 2012 - Vandraedha
January 2012 - Void (No Nominations)
December 2011 - Void (No Nominations)
November 2011 - Greenny
October 2011 - Neil Dennis
September 2011 - Clintang84
August 2011 - Vandraedha
July 2011 - Void (No Nominations)
June 2011 - Void (No Nominations)
May 2011 - Void (No Nominations)
April 2011 - Vandraedha
March 2011 - Crespaguss
February 2011 - Ayopip
January 2011 - Clintang84
December 2010 - DHA
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