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The Frugal vs Extravagant is a voting building in FarmVille. The Frugal vs Extravagant can be placed on any farm. It was originally released on June 21, 2017. It had 12 questions. Each answer had 2 options and you needed help from at least 6 friends at same answer to be able to redeem some reward. Also each reward can be bought for Cash-icon  cash without any friend votes.

Stages Edit

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
More Left Answers More Right Answers
Frugal vs Extravagant 1-icon Frugal vs Extravagant 2-icon

Questions Edit

Question 1 Edit

Drifter Ostrich-icon Jewelled Ostrich-icon
Drifter Ostrich Jewelled Ostrich

Question 2 Edit

Simple Feather Tree-icon Gold Star Tree-icon
Simple Feather Tree Gold Star Tree

Question 3 Edit

Simple Gown Swan-icon Royal Gem Swan-icon
Simple Gown Swan Royal Gem Swan

Question 4 Edit

Charcoal Shade Tree-icon Gem Stone Tree-icon
Charcoal Shade Tree Gem Stone Tree

Question 5 Edit

Wood Cutter Elephant-icon Gem Encrusted Elephant-icon
Wood Cutter Elephant Gem Encrusted Elephant

Question 6 Edit

Modest Feather Peacock-icon Gemshine Peacock-icon
Modest Feather Peacock Gemshine Peacock

Question 7 Edit

Study Hard Turtle-icon Topaz Turtle-icon
Study Hard Turtle Topaz Turtle

Question 8 Edit

Frugal Fashion Lioness-icon Jade Lioness-icon
Frugal Fashion Lioness Jade Lioness

Question 9 Edit

Flower Decor Deer-icon Gilded Deer-icon
Flower Decor Deer Gilded Deer

Question 10 Edit

Clover Flower Pegacorn-icon Princess Gold Pegacorn-icon
Clover Flower Pegacorn Princess Gold Pegacorn

Question 11 Edit

Patches Sheep-icon Elite Sheep-icon
Patches Sheep Elite Sheep

Question 12 Edit

Hermit Pegacorn-icon Purple Zest Pegacorn-icon
Hermit Pegacorn Purple Zest Pegacorn

Final Reward Edit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.

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