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The Gift Box is a feature that allows players to store their unplaced or unused gifts.
Gift Box

Gift Box

Usage Edit

The gift box is used as a storage place for:

  1. Accepted gift requests and prizes from mystery eggs,
  2. Prizes from completion of a ribbon, mastery, or other achievement,
  3. Or adopted animals or other objects obtained from links on a players' Facebook feed (besides fuel and coins for celebrations, which are both automatically applied to your account).

Gift Box Location

Location of Gift Box - Bottom-right

The gift box is located on the bottom right hand corner of the game screen. To access it, click the gift box icon and then choose the gift box again. From the Gift Box, players can scroll through the pages of their gifts using the left and right arrows on the left and right sides of the Gift Box. They can choose if they would like to sell the gift for an predetermined number of coins based on the item's value, or they can choose to use the item, at which point the gift box will close and the player can place the item on the farm. Once an item is placed on a farm, it cannot be put back into the gift box.

Capacity Edit

The capacity officially increased from 30 gifts to 50 gifts on 24 February 2010. Recently, the maximum item count has increased beyond 50 all the way to the new maximum of 200. The number in the pink box located on the Gift Box icon is the number of gifts your gift box is currently holding. The maximum recently increased beyond 200 on 20 November 2010 to an unknown maximum. By November 2010 the maximum is 200, exceeding it results in older items being deleted. On November 30, 2010, it was announced that the Gift Box had increased to 500 items. On June 29, 2011 storage capacity was increased once again, to a total of 1000 items per farm.

500 gifts-notice 500 gifts-icon
Gift Box Expanded

max 1000 gifts limit

Features of the Gift Box Edit

At least 165 gifts

A gift box with 165 (not yet on max number = full)

The Gift Box has a two main features (besides the obvious storage for gifts): "Sell All" and "Make a Wish!". With the "Sell All" feature, farmers can choose to sell all of the gifts in their Gift Box at one time, instead of selling them all individually. The "Make a Wish!" feature was introduced on March 2 2010. With this feature, if farmers want their neighbors to send them a specific gift, they can pick and choose from a list of items which one they wish to receive. A subsequent status update is posted, notifying that player's friends of what they would like to receive. Items in the gift box can also be Re-Gifted.

New Gift Box Interface Edit

A new gift box interface was released on April 20th. This new version has a search tab that allowed players to search for gifts when there are to much on their gift box and is now similar to the market: to search for gifts easily, player can filter by:

  • Consumables
  • Decorations
  • Animals
  • Buildings
New Gift Box Design

New Gift Box design

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