Becoming a Recipe Master Edit

You don’t need to do anything extra to start gaining levels of crafting Mastery—you just need to continue making goods at your crafting building. As your recipe level increases, you unlock greater levels of mastery (and get an XP and coin bonus for doing so).


Getting your first star in a particular recipe depends on when you unlocked that recipe with the Crafting Building. The higher the tier of the crafting recipe unlocked, the higher the recipe level is to unlock the first Mastery star. There are five Mastery stars available for each crafting recipe. Here’s a chart that shows what recipe level you will need before you can unlock a particular Mastery star:


This may look a little complex but we’ll explain it more with this example:

Example: If you have a 1-star Bakery on your farm, the first recipes available to you were Pumpkin Bread, Strawberry Shortcake and Spicy Muffin. You can earn your first Mastery star in those three recipes once that you reach recipe level 20. If you upgrade your Bakery to 2-star, you unlock a new slew of recipes: Patty Pan Tart, Triple Berry Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie. For these recipes you need to reach recipe level 23 to get your first Mastery star.

In order to get a second Mastery star for Pumpkin Vinegar (which requires a 4-star Winery) you will need to raise your recipe level to 39.

As you can see the reward notice above tells you when you can reach the next level of Mastery. Hovering over the Mastery sign (see below) on your farm will with your mouse cursor will also reveal the same information.

Crafting Mastery Reward Edit

When you earn your first star with a crafting recipe you will receive a recipe-specific 1-star Mastery sign in your Gift Box that you can place on your farm. As you earn more Mastery stars for that recipe the sign will automatically update to reflect that change in status, all the way up to 5 stars. You can also place the sign back in storage whenever you wish.


You will also receive XP and coin rewards depending on the level of recipe mastery achieved:


Sharing The Reward Edit

You can choose to share in your good fortune once you attain a Mastery star. Just click on the “Share” button once you get a new star and five of your neighbors can enjoy one of the crafted goods over the next twenty-four hours.


Retroactive Rewards Edit

Of course many of you have already achieved fairly high levels with some of your recipes. The appropriate Mastery stars will be automatically awarded to you for each recipe, as well as the XP and Coin rewards that accompany those Mastery stars. Mastery signs will all be placed in your gift box. You’ll also get a pop-up notice of this the first time you open your Market Stall or Crafting Building.

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