The Haiti Backpack is a building available in FarmVille which was released to celebrate the Sweet Seeds for Haiti Event (September 2010). It works in a similar way to the Valentine's Box, Pot of Gold and Tuscan Wedding Tent. The objective is to collect as many School Supplies as possible, which can be traded in for exclusive School-themed items. School Supplies can be received as a gift from neighbors or can be purchased at the market for Cash-icon 5 cash.

Redeemable Items Edit

School Supplies can be exchanged for various prizes. When a farmer redeems an item, FarmVille will give the option of sharing a second of same item to neighbors.

Haiti Flag-icon
Haiti Flag
10 School Supplies
Schooled Ewe-icon
Schooled Ewe
20 School Supplies
Student Gnome-icon
Student Gnome
30 School Supplies
Tap Tap Bus-icon
Tap Tap Bus
50 School Supplies
School Seesaw-icon
School Seesaw
75 School Supplies
School House (Haiti)-icon
School House
150 School Supplies

Levels Edit

Pre-School –
Grade School High School Graduate
Haiti Backpack-icon Haiti Backpack 2-icon Haiti Backpack 3-icon Haiti Backpack 4-icon
0-24 School Supplies 25-74 Supplies 75-149 Supplies 150+ Supplies

End of event Edit

As the event has ended, players who choose to sell their backpack are reminded to redeem whatever remaining School Supplies they have in their Backpack. If the player does not choose to redeem their School Supplies, the Backpack will still sell for 0 Coins. The Backpack cannot be stored.

See Also Edit

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