Multiple Holiday Trees have been introduced in FarmVille, both as buildings, and as a harvestable tree.

Building for Holiday Presents Edit

Harvestable Tree Edit

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  • No holiday tree in the market

    3 messages
    • You could ask Zynga's Customer Support for help, but this years holiday tree was probably removed from the market with the last upd...
    • I think it was removed today as well, because the icon in the right column for it is gone too. If you didn't get it, that was the way to ...
  • Message from a Wikia contributor

    2 messages
    • i have the 2010 holiday tree but not the 2012 holiday tree so how do i get one, i can not put the presents in the 2010 holiday tree t...
    • Check your gift box. If there's not one in there, try typing "Holiday Tree" in the search feature for the market. It costs 1 coin.

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