The Holiday Tree (2011) is a Building in FarmVille.

It due for release as part of the Winter Holiday Event (2011). The tree stores special gifts, called Holiday Gifts, that you can receive from your friends.

The Holiday Tree works like many of our other item-gathering style events in FarmVille. You acquire Holiday Gifts through various methods, then “Use” them to put them underneath your Holiday Tree. As you accumulate Holiday Gifts under your Tree you can redeem them for exclusive prizes.

You can acquire Holiday Gifts by:

  • Harvesting your Santa's Sleigh.
  • Requesting a Holiday Gift from your neighbors directly (by clicking on the “Ask for Gifts” button).
  • Receive a Holiday Gift from a neighbor who uses the Free Gifts page.
  • Purchase 5 Holiday Gifts at a time by clicking on the “Buy Gifts” button (for Cash-icon 5 cash).
  • Click on a Holiday Gift-related feed where you can receive a Holiday Gift.
  • Harvesting neighbors Santa's Sleigh (they must build at least level 1) when you visit them.

As you put Holiday Gifts underneath the tree you’ll see candy cane meter on the left fill up. The physical look of the Holiday Tree on your farm also changes depending on how many Holiday Gifts you put into it.

Using Holiday Tree Edit

You will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Holiday Tree on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later. You’ll need to be level 5 or higher in order to place and use the Holiday Tree.

Holiday Tree 2011 Notificaton

Holiday Tree 2011 Congratulations Message

Once the Holiday Tree is on the farm you can click on it, then select “Look Inside” to see this window:

Holiday Tree Inside Notification

If you wind up selling the Holiday Tree for some reason, you can purchase a new one in the Market for 1 coin; however, farmers were still limited to only 1 holiday tree.

Levels Edit

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
0-9 Gifts 10-49 Gifts 50-99 Gifts 100-149 Gifts 150-299 Gifts 300+
Holiday Tree 2011 Stage 1-icon Holiday Tree 2011 Stage 2-icon Holiday Tree 2011 Stage 3-icon Holiday Tree 2011 Stage 4-icon Holiday Tree 2011 Stage 5-icon Holiday Tree 2011 Stage 6-icon
File:Holiday Gift Free Gift-icon.png
File:Holiday Tree Present 1-icon.png Holiday Tree Present 2-icon Holiday Tree Present 3-icon Holiday Tree Present 4-icon
Holiday Tree Present 5-icon Holiday Tree Present 6-icon Holiday Tree Present 7-icon Holiday Tree Presents-icon

Fill up your Holiday Tree with gifts and redeem them for special prizes! Then you can send that item to friends as presents that can be opened on December 25, 2011.

Holiday Gifting Wrapped-icon
Holiday Gifting Unwrapped-icon

Gifts Revealed Edit

Winter Pegacorn Poinsettia Horse Caroling Horse Caroling Goat Caroling Sheep Poinsettia Tree
Winter Pegacorn-icon
Poinsettia Horse-icon
Caroling Horse-icon
Caroling Goat-icon
Caroling Sheep-icon
Poinsettia Tree-icon
Giant Poinsettia Tree Caroling Snowman Teddy Bear Snow Globe Frozen Fountain North Pole Sign Horse Snow Globe
Giant Poinsettia Tree-icon
Caroling Snowman-icon
Teddy Bear Snow Globe-icon
Frozen Fountain-icon
North Pole Sign-icon
Horse Snow Globe-icon
Snowman Blue Soldier Caramel Bear Gold Candles Set Ice Cat Snow Fort
Blue Soldier-icon
Caramel Bear-icon
Gold Candles Set-icon
Iced Cat-icon
Snow Fort-icon
Penguin Statue Snowy Trough Red Nutcracker Red Soldier Santa Scarecrow Frosty Snowflake
Penguin Statue-icon
Snowy Trough-icon
Red Nutcracker-icon
Red Soldier-icon
Santa Scarecrow-icon
Frosty Snowflake-icon
Snow Drift String Lights Holly Fence Lighted Hedge Giant Candy Luminary Fence
Snow Drift-icon
String Lights-icon
Holly Fence-icon
Lighted Hedge-icon
Giant Candy-icon
Luminary Fence-icon
3 Pack of Turbos Charger Fertilize All Watering Can Arborists Animal Feed Farmhands
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers-icon
Fertilize All-icon
Watering Can-icon
Animal Feed-icon

Gallery Edit

Holiday Tree 2011 Loading Screen Holiday Tree 2011 Presents Speculated