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Horse Power
Horse Power-icon
—Image © Zynga
Ribbon Information
First date available: unknown
Last Date Available: present
Description: Harvest consumable buffs from your stable.
Yellow Ribbon Yellow Ribbon-icon 5 Consumable Buffs
White Ribbon White Ribbon-icon 25 Consumable Buffs
Red Ribbon Red Ribbon-icon 50 Consumable Buffs
Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon-icon 100 Consumable Buffs

To earn the Horse Power ribbon, a farmer must Harvest "consumable buffs" from their horse stable. These special rewards include Arborists, Farmhands, and 100 free XP that can also be shared with friends.

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Color Coins Experience
Horse power yellow 1000 50
Horse power white 2500 100
Horse power red 5000 250
Horse power blue 10000 1000

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