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New interactive section. Some items are interactive, meaning you can click on them to perform an action.

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Interactive items are objects in FarmVille that a farmer can interact with and order to perform an action. To do this, a farmer clicks on the object in question, then selects the action available. A great example would be the Mystery Box. If a farmer clicks the Mystery Box, it will offer the option Open!. When this option is chosen, the box opens and the reward is received.

Many objects have this feature. The most common is Pet! which can be found on most animals.

Image Name Type Action Frequency Notes
Alpaca-icon Alpaca Animal Pet Unlimited -
Baby Elephant-icon Baby Elephant Animal Pet Unlimited -
Baby Tiger-icon Baby Tiger Animal Pet Unlimited -
B0V1NE-09-icon B0V1NE-09 Animal Pet Unlimited -

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