This item will become a decoration approximately 1 year from the time you place it on your farm, at which time it will no longer be harvestable!

The Jade Money Tree is a statue in FarmVille. This is a fourth tree that cost farm cash and can be harvested 1 time weekly for farm cash. I work same like previous Money Tree II but this version can be only placed on Jade Falls (farm). It was originally released on June 13th, 2012 and was available for purchase in the market for a limited time. This tree cost Cash-icon 260 cash and after 1 full year will gave you Cash-icon 520 cash.

The Jade Money Tree cannot be sold, stored, or deleted once it has been placed on your Farm. You cannot place the Money Tree into Orchards. If you harvested the tree after 2 weeks, you will not be able to get the Cash-icon 10 cash for the first week in which you did not harvest the Tree.

Acquisition Edit

It was re-released on ??????, 2012 with the same price and harvest value. It was re-released again on August 23rd, 2012.


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