Level 20
Level 20-icon

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Level: Player level: 20
Title: none
XP range: XP-icon 8,700 -9,999 to 8,700 -9,999 XP
Purchase: Tomatoes, Pink Roses, Pagoda
Gifts: Date Tree
Game Features: Co-Op Farming English Countryside

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When a farmer earns XP-icon 8,700 experience, they will reach Level 20 (known as a "Green Giant"). 1,300 additional experience (10,000 total) must be collected before reaching the next level. Level 20 unlocks co-op farming. This allows Farmville neighbors to work together to grow a large number of crops to fulfill a job requirement. Rewards include coins, XP and three new ribbons given only to co-op participants.

Starting on March 22, 2011, when reaching Level 20, farmers will have the ability to travel to the English Countryside.

Unlocked Edit



Coin-icon 100 coinsSeeds

Pink Rose-icon

Pink Roses

Coin-icon 120 coinsSeeds

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