Level 21560
Level 101-2-icon
Level: Player level: 21,560
Title: none
XP range: XP-icon 2,147,400,000 to 2,147,499,999 XP

Last Level
Level 251

This Level
Level 21560

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Level 21,560 is the highest level that a farmer can reach in FarmVille. It is obtained when the farmer reaches XP-icon 2,147,400,000 experience points.

It is currently impossible to reach the next level since a farmer will exceed at 2 ^ 31 -1 (2,147,483,647) and XP values will start going negative and the next level would be 100,000 XP higher putting it at 2,147,500,000.

As of January 7, 2011 nobody has obtained this level yet.

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Main articles: Level 101 and Level 251
  1. No further titles are given after level 100.
  2. No further Cash-icon  cash is given after level 251.

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