Level 48
Level 48-icon

—Image © Zynga
Level: Player level
Title: Expert Farmer
XP range: XP-icon 213,000 - 223,000 to 213,000 - 223,000 XP
Purchase: Basil

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Level 48

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Level 48 is a level (known as "Expert Farmer") that a farmer will reach in FarmVille when they earn XP-icon 213,000 experience. At level 48, Basil becomes available to farmers. This level is approximately halfway in experience points to level 70. A farmer will advance to level 49 when they earn 223,000 experience.

Unlocked Edit

During this Level, new items can be unlocked, which could be bought from the market or sent as a gift.



Coin-icon 300 coinsSeeds

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