Lightning Fast Clicking is a myth in Farmville. Even while collecting items in a perfectly normal way from the Game Feed or from Game Requests in Facebook, the farmer is likely to be confronted from time to time with this message:


It is not clear why this message appears, nor what it is intended to achieve. It is sufficient to reload the page where the message appears to receive the intended item, without needing to return to the feed to find it again. In most cases the message can be avoided altogether by mentally reciting 'Boring, boring, boring!' between clicks on items in the feed.

It is possible that this is a part of Zynga's announced restrictions on the use of bots in the game. If so, it is likely to misfire badly, as any automated program will be able to wait the necessary second or whatever, while ordinary farmers are penalised. If not, it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to make yet slower anything as clunkingly, lumberingly, mind-numbingly, agonisingly slow as the Farmville/Facebook combination.

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