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A Limited Time Gift is a Gift that Zynga has released for a certain amount of time (usually 6-8 hours, sometimes 24 hours depending on what it is) so that a farmer can send the gift to their neighbors. Once that time period is up, the item is no longer available for gifting. (decoration)

Some limited time gifts include:

decoration consumable event animal tree

Snowflake Pole

Wreath Fence

Tricycle Planter

Green Pinwheel

Rainbow Barrel

Giant Lollipop I

Pink Heart Hay

Park Bench II

Farm Hands


Fertilize All


Animal Feed

Fuel (small or large can)

Holiday Gifts


Thanksgiving Feast Items

Truffles/Goat Milk/Eggs/Olives

for Tuscan Event

Halloween Candy

Spring Eggs


Mouflon Sheep

Black Cat



Gray Horse

Ossabaw Pig

Black Pig


White Kitty

Pink Cow

Brown Cow


Brown Squirrel

Green Frog

White Apple Tree

Fig Tree

There has been many other limited time gifts in FarmVille, but those are some of the main ones.

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