Locked Box
Locked Box-icon

—Image © Zynga
First date available: February 26, 2010
Last date available: January 1, 2011
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-umbrella for template instructions
Tile: see Template:infobox-generic for template instructions

This event has now expired. The Locked Box was from 2009/2010 and the code to unlock them is no longer given out even if you enter your email. This event has expired, and the Locked Box is now no longer able to be used

Gallery Edit

  • Popup shown when box is found.
  • The popup you get when clicking "Get passcode"
  • The popup you get when clicking "Okay" at the "Get passcode" popup.
  • Example of the e-mail with the passcode.
  • The popup shown when clicking "Enter passcode"
  • Mammoth Statue as found in the Buried Mystery Box.
  • Farmhands as found in the Buried Mystery Box.
  • Locked box, obtained by plowing (12.08.2010)

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