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Market Stall
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Market Stalls can be used to store and sell bushels (limited edition crops will not produce bushels) . Market Stalls cost Coin-icon 50,000 coins or Cash-icon 20 cash , limit 5 Stalls per farm. The size of each stall is 3 squares wide by 2 squares deep. Farmers must reach Level 15 to buy their first stall.

Your ability to purchase additional stalls for coins is dependent on the number of neighbors that you have. After gaining your first Market Stall, if you have 8 or fewer neighbors, you will need to add enough neighbors to have 10 in total. If you have 9 or more, with each Market Stall that you acquire, the ability to purchase additional Market Stalls for coins is locked until you gain two more neighbors. (ex. If you have 11 neighbors and have already purchased one Market Stall, you will need to have 13 neighbors in total before you can purchase another Market Stall for coins.) You can purchase Market Stalls for Farm Cash without gaining new neighbors.


Market Stalls on release held only 50 bushels. On July 28th, Zynga updated their Farmville Twitter (zFarmville) stating that bushel capacity will be upgraded soon - and it was the next day. On July 29th, 2010, bushel storage was increased to 100 bushels.

Each market stall can only sell one crop at a time. You can have up to five market stalls on each farm, which means you can sell up to five crops to neighbors at once. The number of stalls does not affect your bushel storage capacity; you have the same bushel capacity whether you have one or five stalls on a farm. You can store bushels indefinitely, but you can only sell bushels for a limited time. The time that your bushels are available for sale depends on how many bushels you find while harvesting and which level of mastery you have achieved for that particular crop. By default, the stall will remain open for 24 hours. It will remain longer if you find more bushels and if you have mastered that crop. Bushels for sale do not cost your neighbors any coins or cash, but you recieve rewards based on how many farmers buy bushels from your stalls. You can choose between three different rewards: coins, experience points (XP) or fuel.

In May 2011 a market stall started holding 400 bushels. In July 2012, they started holding up to 800 bushels.  As of June 2013, they held up to 1,000 bushels.  On July 8, 2013 their capacity increased to 1,050 bushels. As of January 2014, they held up to 1,175 bushels.

Glitch Edit

On December 12, 2010, users began to see this screen when prompted to buy another stall for their bushels.
Market Stall Scam 2
Hain1075Added by Hain1075
Most likely, the cost of 0 FV Cash for the stall is a glitch and will be fixed. However, if a user chooses the 0 FV Cash option, they will be charged 20 FV Cash.

On December 14, 2010, Zynga began to acknowledge this screen, and has since, sent it to their development team to investigate. On December 13, 2010, a "Vote Now" to fix button was added on Zynga about this glitch.

Expansion Edit

On February 24th, 2012 the possibility of expanding the Market stall was released. To expand it you will need materials such as Awnings, Price Cards and Baskets. Adding 10 of each material will expand your Market Stall to hold 25 more Bushels. It doesn't matter on which Market stall (and on which farm) you add the materials; they all count toward the same total. There are multiple expansions possible and you can hold up to 1,000 Bushels after you finished all.

Awning Price Card Basket Capacity
Awning-icon Price Card-icon Basket-icon Expand Stall-icon
Expansion 1 10 needed 10 needed 10 needed +25
Expansion 2 10 needed 10 needed 10 needed +25
... ... ... ... ...
Expansion X 10 needed 10 needed 10 needed +25

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