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Mystery Animal Crate
Mystery Animal Crate-icon
—Image © Zynga
First Date Available unknown
Last Date Available present
Farm: see template:infobox-decoration for template instructions
Tile: see template:infobox-decoration for template instructions
Source: see template:infobox-decoration for template instructions
Required minimum level(s): Player Level: 1
Cost: Cash-icon 20 cash
Size: see template:infobox-decoration for template instructions
Points gained: XP-icon 5 XP
Harvest for item cannot be harvested
Sell for: see Template:infobox-decoration for template instructions

The Mystery Animal Crate is a decoration that was available from January 12th 2010 to January 18th 2010.

The Crate was reintroduced as the Animal Crate on March 2nd 2010 and available until March 9th 2010. It was again released June 1st 2010 and made available until June 9th 2010. When purchased, players may find a mystery animal inside.

Mystery Animal Crates are listed below from most recent to oldest releases.

Summer Event Edit

Summer Event Mystery Animal Crate
Ram (Purple Stars)-icon
Ram (Purple Stars)
Ram (Candycane)-icon
Ram (Candycane)
Ram (Masked)-icon
Ram (Masked)
Boar (Candycane)-icon
Boar (Candycane)
Yellow Spots Boar-icon
Yellow Spots Boar
Brown Boar (Leopard)-icon
Brown Boar (Leopard)

FarmVille Birthday Classics Edit

Swiss Birthday Mystery Animal Crate - June 14th
Swiss Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Valentine Mini-icon
Valentine Mini
Pinto Mini Horse-icon
Pinto Mini Horse
Black Mini Stallion-icon
Black Mini Stallion
Miniature Stallion-icon
Miniature Stallion
Mini Candycane-icon
Mini Candycane

German Mystery Animal Crate - June 17th
German Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Camargue Horse-icon
Camargue Horse
Mongolian Horse-icon
Mongolian Horse
Black Stallion-icon
Black Stallion
Welsh Pony-icon
Welsh Pony
Black Shire Horse-icon
Black Shire Horse
Falabella Horse-icon
Falabella Horse

Wild West Mystery Animal Crate - June 18th
West Wild Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Welsh Mountain Sheep-icon
Welsh Mountain Sheep
Ewe (Orange)-icon
Orange Ewe
Lantern Sheep-icon
Lantern Sheep
Valentine Sheep-icon
Valentine Sheep
Ewe (Pastel Purple)-icon
Pastel Purple Ewe
Ewe (Yellow)-icon
Yellow Ewe
Agricultural Alchemy Mystery Animal Crate - June 19th
Agricultural Alchemy Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Eider Duck-icon
Eider Duck
Male Mandarin Duck-icon
Male Mandarin
Chrome Duck-icon
Chrome Duck
Welsh Harlequin-icon
Welsh Harlequin
Green Winged Teal-icon
Green Winged Teal
Tufted Duck-icon
Tufted Duck

Fairy Tale Mystery Animal Crate - June 22nd
Fairy Tale Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Pink Unicorn-icon
Pink Unicorn
Candy Cane Unicorn-icon
Candy Cane Unicorn
Purple Unicorn-icon
Purple Unicorn
Shamrock Unicorn-icon
Shamrock Unicorn
White Unicorn-icon
White Unicorn
Yellow Unicorn-icon
Yellow Unicorn

4th Generation Crate Edit

Blue Jay-icon
Blue Jay
(+200 XP)
Female Mandarin Duck-icon
Female Mandarin Duck
(+200 XP)
Pygmy Goat-icon
Pygmy Goat
(+300 XP)
Red Panda-icon
Red Panda
(+500 XP)
Black Yak-icon
Black Yak
(+400 XP)

3rd Generation Crate Edit

The crate was also labeled "Mystery Wings".

Male Ostrich-icon
Male Ostrich
(+400 XP)
(+150 XP)
White Peacock-icon
White Peacock
(+400 XP)
(+500 XP)
Mourning Doves-icon
Mourning Doves
(+200 XP)

1st and 2nd Generation Crate Edit

(+550 XP)
(+300 XP)
(+700 XP)
(+200 XP)
(+400 XP)

Gallery Edit

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