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A Mystery Gift is a gift item which contain any one of a number of different possible items. Although similar to a Mystery Box, it does not count towards the They Of Mystery ribbon. Once in the giftbox, it must be 'used' to open and reveal the contents, which then appear in the giftbox.

As of the 18 August 2010 update, the Mystery Gift cannot be placed on the farm when using the web client, but immediately opens when it is used. The FarmVille iPhone App still requires the player to place the Mystery Gift on the farm before opening it. As of the 7 June 2011 Mystery Gift was discontinued from gifting. To get a Mystery gift you must go to CityVille and send a Mystery Gift to your farm and open it.

With introduction Mystery Gift Box on June 16th, 2011, as part of Farmville Second Birthday Event it was removed from free gifts page. It become again available on June 28th, 2011 just as gift that you can send to yourself from CityVille via FarmVille Baloon.

Items Edit

Below are items that could be found inside Mystery Gifts.
Mystery Gift Stacking

Mystery Gifts used to be able to be placed on your farm and stacked, like hay bales. (Not Applicable Anymore!)

Animals Edit

(Animals currently available in Mystery Gifts)

Black Pig-icon
Black Pig
Brown Cow-icon
Brown Cow
Brown Squirrel-icon
Brown Squirrel
Grey Tabby-icon
Grey Tabby
Ossabaw Pig-icon
Ossabaw Pig
Saanens Goat-icon
Saanens Goat
Long-tailed Duck-icon
Long-tailed Duck

(Animals discontinued in Mystery Gifts)

Brown Chicken-icon
Brown Chicken

Trees Edit

(Trees currently available in Mystery Gifts)

Almond Tree-icon
Almond Tree
Breadfruit Tree-icon
Breadfruit Tree
Date Tree-icon
Date Tree
Mandarin Tree-icon
Mandarin Tree
Olive Tree-icon
Olive Tree
Pomegranate Tree-icon
Pomegranate Tree
Starfruit Tree-icon
Starfruit Tree
Guava Tree-icon
Guava Tree
Jackfruit Tree-icon
Jackfruit Tree
Wax Apple Tree-icon
Wax Apple Tree

(Trees discontinued in Mystery Gifts)

Banana Tree-icon
Banana Tree
Cashew Tree-icon
Cashew Tree
Fig Tree-icon
Fig Tree
Passion Fruit Tree-icon
Passion Fruit Tree
Walnut Tree-icon
Walnut Tree

Decorations Edit

(Decorations currently available in Mystery Gifts)

Owl Statue-icon
Owl Statue
Buffalo Topiary-icon
Buffalo Topiary
Cowprint Stool-icon
Cowprint Stool
Duck Topiary-icon
Duck Topiary
Elegant Topiary-icon
Elegant Topiary
FarmVille Flag-icon
FarmVille Flag
Grass Pile-icon
Grass Pile
Hot Air Balloon-icon
Hot Air Balloon
No Raccoon Sign-icon
No Raccoon Sign
Old Bike-icon
Old Bike
Rose Pinwheel-icon
Rose Pinwheel
Tricycle Planter-icon
Tricycle Planter
Flower Bucket-icon
Flower Bucket
Lawn Chair-icon
Lawn Chair

(Decorations discontinued in Mystery Gifts)

Elephant Topiary-icon
Elephant Topiary
Fancy Topiary-icon
Fancy Topiary
Flower Bike-icon
Flower Bike
Garden Sundial-icon
Garden Sundial
Goat Topiary-icon
Goat Topiary
Green Pinwheel-icon
Green Pinwheel
Lil Yellow Wagon-icon
Lil Yellow Wagon
No Fox Sign-icon
No Fox Sign
No Gopher Sign-icon
No Gopher Sign
No Crows Sign-icon
No Crows Sign
Pink Pin Wheel-icon
Pink Pin Wheel
Small Mossrock-icon
Small Mossrock
Stone Mailbox-icon
Stone Mailbox
Stone Planter-icon
Stone Planter
Weather Vane-icon
Weather Vane

Other Edit

FV Cash
1 FarmVille Cash
Reward of 1,000 Free Coins

20 Free XP

Small Can of Fuel
Large Can of Fuel




Note: Tractor, Harvester and Seeder are only available if you open the mystery gift on the English Countryside. The 3 first gifts will be the vehicles.

See also Edit

Buildings Edit

pink cottage black cottage |}

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