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Neapolitan Calf
Neapolitan Calf-icon
—Image © Zynga
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First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
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Source: adopt / Cow Pasture
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Size: 1x1 (an area of 1 square)
Time until harvest (on farm): 1 day, 1 hour
(in building): see article text
Harvest for: see Template:infobox-animal for template instructions
Sell for: see Template:infobox-animal for template instructions
Parents: Bull & Neapolitan Cow
Storage: Nursery Barn
Baby Playpen
How-to: Guide:Breeding Cattle
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For other types of calf available, see calf (disambiguation).

The Neapolitan Calf is an animal on FarmVille. You can get it either by adopting from the wall feed, or as a random chance when harvesting a Cow Pasture containing a Neapolitan Cow. It can be harvested every day for Coin-icon 80 coins, and sold for Coin-icon 120 coins.

Mastery Edit

Main article: Mastery
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
5 195 800 1,000
Neapolitan Calf Mastery Sign-icon
—Image © Zynga

Parents Edit

Main article: Breeding Cattle

Its parent, the Neapolitan Cow was originally released on the May 21, 2010 as part of the 7 Eleven Promotion Event.

Cow Pasture Edit

Main article: Cow Pasture

When you harvest from your Cow Pasture with at least 1 Neapolitan Cow there is a chance that two Neapolitan Calves will be born (one for the farmer, and one for a neighbor).

Dairy Farm Edit

Main article: Dairy Farm

In the Dairy Farm, it requires the presence of a Bull, in addition to a Neapolitan Cow.

When you harvest milk from your Dairy Farm (containing at least 1 Bull and at least 1 Neapolitan Cow) there is a chance that a Neapolitan Calf will be found to share with neighbors.

Adoption Edit

A Neapolitan Calf can be adopted from a status, like that of a Lost Animal, only when your neighbour breeds cattle.

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