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Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark-icon
—Image © Zynga
Ribbon Information
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First date available: unknown
Last Date Available: present
Description: Collect from unique animal to earn ribbons.
Yellow Ribbon Yellow Ribbon-icon 2 Animals
White Ribbon White Ribbon-icon 4 Animals
Red Ribbon Red Ribbon-icon 6 Animals
Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon-icon 8 Animals

To earn the Noah's Ark ribbon, a farmer must collect produce from a number of unique Animals. This means that the farmer must collect from different types of animals. Animals can be bought from the market, received as a gift or adopted.

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Colour Coins Experience Item
Noah's Ark Yellow 500 10 Chicken
Noah's Ark White 2,500 20 Pig
Noah's Ark Red 5,000 50 Duck
Noah's Ark Blue 10,000 100 Horse

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