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The Ox is an animal on FarmVille.


The Ox was available from the 1st and 2nd Mystery Animal Crate.


The Ox cannot be placed in a Dairy Farm, despite the fact that it is a bovine like the Buffalo.

Cow Pasture

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The Ox can be stored in the Cow Pasture. The Cow Pasture can be harvested every 1 day. When harvesting a Cow Pasture containing at least one Ox, in addition to currency, it is possible to find two (2) Baby Ox or Animal Feed. The Animal Feed is sent to the player's gift box. If a Baby Ox is found, it is immediately available for placement. If it is not immediately placed, it is sent to the players gift box for later placement. The other Baby Ox or Animal Feed can be shared to the player's wall.

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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
3 5 11 19
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