The Poinsettia was a special flower introduced during the 2009 Winter Holiday Event. They cost Coin-icon 45 coins and could be sold for 126 coins. Poinsettias provided 3 experience points (XP) per plot and could be harvested in 1 day, making them one of the better crops in terms of experience points per day. The original limited-time release of the Limited Edition Poinsettias could not be mastered.

Poinsettias were re-released on December 02, 2010, for 60 days, as part of the Winter Holiday Event (2010). In this release Poinsettias could be mastered.

It was re-released again on December 15th, 2012 as part of Vintage Holiday Event.

Mastery Edit

Main article: Mastery
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
500 1000 1500 3,000
Poinsettia Mastery Sign-icon

—Image © Zynga

Stall and Bushel Edit

Poinsettia Stall Poinsettia Bushel
Poinsettia Stall-icon Poinsettia Bushel-icon

Perfect Bunches Edit

Harvesting Poinsettia has a 10% chance of yielding Perfect Bunches.

Perfect Bunch of Poinsettia Withered Bunch of Poinsettia
Perfect Poinsettia-icon Wither Bunch Poinsettia-icon

Growth Phases Edit

Growth 0 - 32% 33 - 65% 66 - 99% 100% 100% Fertilized Withered ***
Phases Poinsettia 00

—Image © Zynga
Poinsettia 33

—Image © Zynga
Poinsettia 66

—Image © Zynga
Poinsettia 100

—Image © Zynga
Poinsettia extra100

—Image © Zynga
Poinsettia withered

—Image © Zynga
Time Time planted

7 hours
7 hours

15 hours
15 hours

1 day
1 day, 1 hour

2 days, 14 hours ***
1 day, 1 hour

2 days, 14 hours ***
2 days, 2 hours

2 days, 14 hours+


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