Pregnant Sow is a lost animal on FarmVille.


It was available for select players who have reached Level 10 and above. She can not currently be purchased in the Market. To receive a Pregnant Sow, a neighbor must post the lost animal story link to the newsfeed of the farm's owner where they received the pop-up message regarding the Pregnant Sow.

Upon adopting a Pregnant Sow, the receiving Farmer will be told to place her on their farm, at which point her progress (% ready) until "labor" will be displayed for the Farmer. The following day, the Farmer will receive a pop-up regarding Piglets and will have the option to share a piglet(s) to Neighbors of their choosing.

After the Piglets are born, the Pregnant Sow transforms into a normal Pig and can be placed back on the Farm from the Gift Box. While the Pregnant Sow can be stored in the Pig Pen; it is not recommended since she won't produce anything as long as she remains inside.



Main article: Pigpen

The Pregnant Sow can be stored in the Pigpen. The Pigpen can be harvested every day for truffles.

The Pigpen considers this animal a female♀ for the purposes of breeding. This means a farmer must also use a male♂ (boar) in order to attempt to produce offspring.

Love Potions 0 x Love Potion-icon 1 x Love Potion-icon 2 x Love Potion-icon 3 x Love Potion-icon 4 x Love Potion-icon 5 x Love Potion-icon
50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Time 24 hours 12 hours 6 hours 3 hours 1 hour instant


The Pregnant Sow cannot be mastered.

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